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in Domfront area




The Quests

It is always great fun for the the Tourist Office staff to prepare outdoor games, quests, riddles all year long for kids from 1 to 92, all along the Bocage.

Auguste Chevalier et
la plante miraculeuse :

A quest with Auguste Chevalier,
Domfront famous botanist
to heal his good friend Eugène Lelouvier !

Every day, no booking needed

Come with a smartphone with FlashCode app.
French only.
2€ for the kit.
For 10 years old and more.
Starting at Domfront Tourist Office
02 33 38 53 97- Info@ot-domfront.com

Rallye photo :

Explore Domfront area in search of 10 pictures to take !

Come at the Tourist Office to withdraw the list of all the items to be photographed with the macaroon needed.

All 2022-long

For all ! With a camera.
2€ the list
02 33 38 53 97 - Info@ot-domfront.com

L'Enquête de Damphront :

Jean de Carcassonne, bailli of Damphront has sent too many people in prison. He must have been mistaken for some of the cases. It is your job to interview the suspects and find out who is lying...

By teams of 5 maximum.
French only.
For 10 and more.

July 28th and August 18
at 5pm

5€ per team
Starting at the Tourist Office in Domfront
02 33 38 53 97- Info@ot-domfront.com

Tresor Hunt Booklets :

Ever since 2021, 5 booklets have been elaborated to participate to a treasure hunt, all year round. By yourself, couple, family or friends, you will surely learn something !

  • Domfront Médiéval, to explore the castle and the town. Available in English.
  • Domfront Quartier Notre Dame de Domfront, to leave the Tourist Office in direction of the Romanesque Church and climb up the 100 Steps.
  • Le Tertre Sainte Anne, to stroll on this gorgeous little wooden hillock, 2 steps away from Domfront Station.
  • Lonlay l'Abbaye, to make sure this charming village built around the abbey has no secrets for you.
  • St Fraimbault, because flowers and heritage are present all year round here !

All year round

3€ each booklet.
Age : all you need is someone who can read in your team !
To be withdrawn at Domfront Tourist Office.
02 33 38 53 97- Info@ot-domfront.com

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